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Product Name:BW-1000 Urine Sediment Analysis System


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 Inspection principle:  Using machine vision technology: automatic identify, classify and count the formed elements in urine with microscope automatic morphological methods.

 Test items:  Red blood cells, white blood cells, pus cells, squamous epithelial cells, non-squamous epithelial cells, transparent casts, unclassified casts, crystals, bacteria, blood bacteria, sperm, mucus, etc.

 Test speed:  30 samples/hour.

 Detection mode:  The microscope counts and classifies target identifications such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and crystals.

 Sample quantity:  Minimum urine volume 2ml, minimum injection volume 0.5ml

 Sample processing:  The sample can be directly tested without centrifugation.

 Injection method:  Automatic trail injection, 10 samples on the machine at the same time.

 Accuracy:   more than 95% (Artificail auxiliary judgment).

 Repeatability test:   CV < 10%

 Carrying pollution rate: < 0.05%

False negative rate:  < 3%

Report form:  xx unit/ul, HPF&LPF etc. international universal quantitative unit, comprehensive graphic report of dry chemical analysis and urine formed elements quantitative analysis

 Dimensions:  520mm x 440mm x550mm (length x width x height).

Net Weight:  15kg

 Data Interface:  A full set of computer data interfaces, can connect to dry chemical urine analyzer, printers and networks.

Power Requirements:  AC 220V土10%, 50Hz

Standard configuration:  Computer,including screen,mouse,keyboard 


★ Product characteristics

★ Automatic trail injection, walk away, 10 samples on the machine at the same time, simple operation. 

Dedicated focusing fluid can be used to automatically calibrate the focal length of the microscope to ensure clear and complete sample capture. 

Samples do not need to be centrifuged and pretreatment, and sample injection, mixing, sampling, and precipitation are performed automatically. 

Automated target recognition and classification counting of acquired images; high-precision charge counting cell ensures accurate and stable 

detection of specimens, consistent conditions, standardized test results, high-precision sample sucking needles, tubes, and valves to ensure highly 

stable piping systems; 

The efficient automatic cleaning function effectively cleans the inner and outer walls of the sampling needle and the pipeline to 

avoid cross-contamination; 

Have self-learning function, the longer the usage time is, the higher the recognition rate is. It can be connected with urine 

analyzer and provide comprehensive reports on dry chemistry and sediment.


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