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Product Name:BW-3000 Urine Sediment Analyzer



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Test Parameters  Normal RBC,Standing RBC, Dysmorpuic RBC,Normal WBC ,WBCC,Pus  Cell ,Hyaline Cast ,Granular Cast,WBC Cast ,Squamous Epithelial Cell ,Normal Epithelial Cell ,Sperm ,Calcium Crystal ,Oxalate Crystal Bacteria ,Yeast ,Amorphous Urates ,Mucus  etc.



Test Principle Flow cell digital imaging technology, medical image fusion technology, artificial intelligence identification technique

Channel Four channels fixed flow counting cell


● Specimen Volume Minimum volume:3ml Aspiration volume: l ml


Tset Speed 120 samples/hour


● Aspiration Volume   1 ml


● Tset Sensitivity<5 cells/ul


 Accuracy > 95%


● Repeatability  CV < 10%


● Cross contamination rate < 0.05%


● Data storage 200,000


● Report Model International general quantitative unit: unit /ul & HPF, complete and illustrated report, with urine

chemistry test results and urine sediment test results 


 Environment Temperature 15°C-35°C, Relative humidity 75%


● Power supply AC220V ±10% 50Hz


● Dimensions (mainframe) 660mm × 440mm × 570mm (L ×W × H).


● Weight 33kg





【The highest 4-channel design in the industry】

4-channel injection design, channel settling, cleaning and other detection functions fully guarantees the speed and efficiency of specimen detection.


【Auto focus function 】

Automatic focus correction of the microscope ensures clear and complete sample shooting,which reduces maintenance costs.


【Self-learning and training function】

The target of misidentification of the instrument can be modified by the operator. After training, the memory can be stored and automatically modeled.




★ Working principle 

Use flow counting cell, medical image information scanning technology and machine vision visual recognition technology to automatically position, track, scan, identify, classify, count and analyze the urine formed components.


 Sample injection system


Fully automated orbital 10-tube specimen rack automatically senses continuous sample injections, and the sample area to be tested can accommodate 60 specimens at a time.

Automatic specimen scanning and positioning, real walk away, no centrifugation, directly test with original urine, automatic suction and mixing.


 Flushing system


Use high-precision, PTFE-plated sample-sucking needles to make the cleaning of the instrument pipeline more thoroughly and cross-contamination is eliminated as much as possible.

Industry's highest 4-channel design

Single-needle 4-channel sampling design, the instrument has a channel to detect other channels settlement, cleaning function, to save the test time to the maximum, equivalent to 4 sets of instruments in the test, and fully guarantee the speed and efficiency of the specimen detection.


  Self-learning function 


The target of instrument misidentification is modified by the operator. After training, it can be stored and automatically modeled.

Automatic focusing function

After the instrument is used for a period of time, special focusing liquid can be used to automatically correct the focal length of the microscope to ensure clear and complete sample shooting.






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