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Product Name:Urine Sediment Analyzer BW-2000

Urine Sediment Analyzer BW-2000 



Test Principle:   Using artificial vision technology: automatic identification, classification and counting of the elements formed in the urine with automatic morphological microscope methods.

Test Items :  Normal RBC, Standing RBC, Dysmorphic RBC, Normal WBC, WBCC, Pus cell, Hyaline Cast, Granular Cast,   WBC  Cast, Squamous Epithelial cell, Normal Epithelial cell, Sperm, Calcium Crystal, Oxalate Crystal Bacteria, Yeast, Amorphous Urates, Mucus etc.

Test Speed 30 samples/hour.

 Sample Volume Minimum urine volume 2 ml, minimum extraction volume 1 ml

  Sample Process:  The sample can be directly tested without  centrifugation.

 Flow Cell: High accuracy, single channel flow cell(test channel)

Sampling Method:Automatic trail suction, 10 samples on the machine at  the same time.

Accuracy  ≥ 95%

Repeatability Test:   CV < 10%

Contamination Rate< 0.05%

Report Form:  xx unit/ul,HPF&LPF etc. international universal  quantitative unit, comprehensive graphic report of dry chemical analysis  and urine formed elements quantitative analysis

 Measurement 380mm x 286 mm x 363mm(L x W x H)

Net Weight:  16kg

Data Interface: Two-way communication interface, can be connected  with dry chemistry analyzer, printer and hospital management system

Power Supply:  AC 110/230V, 50-60Hz

Standard Configuration Build-in CPU, including mouse, keyboard



● Automatic trail suction, 10 samples on machine at the same time, easily  operate. 

● Auto focus. Adjust focal length of microscope automatically to make sure a  clear and complete sample picture. 

● Sample can be used directly without centrifugation and pre-handled, all  of the sample injection, mixing, sampling and sedimentation are automatic.  

● Identify the test sediments and count quantities of the pictures  automatically 

● High accuracy flow cell to insure a stable & precise sample-suction and  normalize the test result. 

● High accuracy suction-sample needle, choicely pipelines and valves to  insure the high stability of the pipeline; high-efficiency auto clearance  function to insure clear the inside & outside of the needle efficiently, which  will avoid across contamination. 

The machine owns self-learning function. 

The more time it is be used, the higher identify rate it becomes.  

The machine can connected with dry chemistry analyzer and provide a  comprehensive report contains urine dry chemistry and urine sediment test .



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